How Collective Creativity Withstands Crises and Beyond

Some see August as time to jump into a new school year, while others spend the month preparing for the year’s premier experiment in inventive survival and radical self-expression:

Burning Man

The week-long celebration of imagination, engagement and independence annually takes place in the desert depths of temporarily established Black Rock City, Nevada. With more than 70,000 attendees converging this year alone, event organizers have deemed it the largest outdoor arts festival in North America.

Since the first was held in 1986, Burning Man has often been associated with danger, drugs and debauchery; however, plenty defend to the death the festival’s greater purpose to encourage creativity, self-reliance and other positive philosophies, as officially outlined in “The 10 Principles of Burning Man.”

That said, few special events take place without bumps along the way. The occasion’s rich history of colorful, yet checkered moments provide prime scenarios of crisis communication in action.

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