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Controversy in Transit: Historical Fiction Breeds an Amazon of Campaign Backlash

New York City: a transit system in temporary turmoil? Looks like Jared Fogle isn’t the only subway saga at play.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority garnered less-than-favorable reactions this week for a controversial PR campaign surrounding Amazon’s original series The Man in the High Castle.

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“Lush” Aspirations for PR’s Ethical Landscape

Too much doing, not enough being—a prevalent theme amidst the modern state of PR ethics.

The chance for companies and practitioners to thrive alone on carefully crafted notions of what they think publics want to hear has never been more viable. Within the ever-growing online age, content is king and image everything, so how does responsibility fit into the grand mix?

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Sponsorship Scuffle: Parents Wage War on McDonald’s and the Macabre

You are what you sponsor…at least according to the Parents Television Council.

The education advocates for “responsible entertainment” have taken on fast-food chain McDonald’s for advertising during FOX’s latest horror-comedy series Scream Queens—what it sees as a “mean-spirited, sexualized, gory horror show…unsafe for children of any age.”

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Group Think: The Sheeple’s Scripture to Avoid Diversity Discussions

An ad awakening is upon us.

The 2010 Census was a shock heard around the industry, as tangible evidence revealed the growing prominence of minority publics. While America’s population has never been more diverse, the advertising industry itself is apparently much slower to the table.

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Goodwill vs. Gall: The Dysmorphic Ad Dilemma

As dominating shapers of public opinion, one would think advertisers strive to be a non-destructive force within their own culture. In today’s highly divisive world that may be hard to believe, but where does the madness begin?

“Goodwill” is simply acknowledging the impact of one’s own choices from a wider perspective. Every action has a reaction, so making a point to think ahead and avoid foreseen harm goes with the altruistic territory.

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McWhopper Mayhem: Clever PR Event or Fauxlanthropic Attempt?

Public displays of lethal rejection:

A crown, a clown and a dream for peace—shattered

Burger King took the media world by storm last week after publicly proposing they collaborate with archenemy McDonald’s to raise awareness for this year’s upcoming International Peace Day.

Taking out full-page ads in The New York Times and Chicago Tribune, Burger King suggested the two “end the beef with beef” by debuting a special-edition “McWhopper” burger. A balanced flavor fusion of each franchise’s signature sandwich, the McWhopper would be served in a pop-up shop to support the U.N.’s annual International Peace Day, September 21.

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