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Just Like PR Paradise: Industry Lessons from Broadway’s “Rock of Ages”

Los Angeles, 1987: An acid-washed epicenter of hair metal revel breeding an endless bounty of public relations inspiration—would you have guessed it?

Despite five-time Tony award-nominated musical Rock of Ages taking its final Broadway bow last January, the show’s commemorative rock-and-roll spirit lives forever. With hearts felt and faces melt through the musical tale of melodrama, mini skirts and mullets on The Sunset Strip, Rock of Ages provides a significant slew of classic PR lessons.

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Controversy in Transit: Historical Fiction Breeds an Amazon of Campaign Backlash

New York City: a transit system in temporary turmoil? Looks like Jared Fogle isn’t the only subway saga at play.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority garnered less-than-favorable reactions this week for a controversial PR campaign surrounding Amazon’s original series The Man in the High Castle.

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Rideshare Wealth Reaps Uber Health

A rideshare a day keeps the doctor away…or so was the case this week.

Thursday was a (flu) season of firsts, as Uber implemented its “UberHEALTH” campaign to deliver on-demand health and wellness across the country.

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Creative Provocateurs Say Let’s Get Ready to “Rumblr”

Calling all brawl enthusiasts—your wishes have been granted.

Rumblr,”a new web-based application, provides a platform for strangers to arrange recreational fights based on their location. Upon creating a profile with information about age, height, weight and other skill-oriented statistics, a chat function allows users to connect, “trash talk” and meet up to duke it out.

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Mythical Disasters or PR Masters: Credibility of Cryptozoology Explored

The Loch Ness Monster: simply a subject of bar banter?

Scotland’s lovable lore has returned to headlines this week with the launch of writer and science historian Gareth Williams’ upcoming book, A Monstrous Commotion: The Mysteries of Loch Ness.

The notorious sea serpent has accrued worldwide fame through passed-down stories of sightings and supposed photographs, but the professor of medicine at Bristol University suggests she could have been the mere fabricated tool of a 1930s PR gimmick.

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Jack the Ripper: Back in the Unethical Saddle

Jack the Ripper: A PR gift that keeps on giving—who would have guessed?

The infamous serial killer stands at the heart of an ongoing crisis surrounding the controversial opening of a museum in London’s East End this past July. When a multi-story structure devoted to Jack the Ripper was unveiled in place of the originally promised (and council-approved) “first women’s history museum in the UK,” it was a shock to say the least.

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Brand Humanization—(I)Hop to it

IHOP, sigh-HOP—serving up backlash with a side of bacon.

The pancake house caused quite a rouse last week upon tweeting a joke that perhaps took its aspiringly hip image a bit far.

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“Lush” Aspirations for PR’s Ethical Landscape

Too much doing, not enough being—a prevalent theme amidst the modern state of PR ethics.

The chance for companies and practitioners to thrive alone on carefully crafted notions of what they think publics want to hear has never been more viable. Within the ever-growing online age, content is king and image everything, so how does responsibility fit into the grand mix?

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Sponsorship Scuffle: Parents Wage War on McDonald’s and the Macabre

You are what you sponsor…at least according to the Parents Television Council.

The education advocates for “responsible entertainment” have taken on fast-food chain McDonald’s for advertising during FOX’s latest horror-comedy series Scream Queens—what it sees as a “mean-spirited, sexualized, gory horror show…unsafe for children of any age.”

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